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Call: (877) 718-7201

Located in the heart of Acadiana in the southern part of Louisiana, Youngsville is a city that experiences a humid subtropical climate. This type of climate typically entails hot, muggy summers and mild to cool winters, with consistent rainfall throughout the year. Rainfall in Youngsville, like much of South Louisiana, is relatively plentiful due to its proximity to the Gulf of Mexico and the frequent frontal systems that sweep through the region.

On average, Youngsville receives about 60 inches of rainfall per year, which is considerably higher than the US national average of 38 inches. The rain is spread relatively evenly throughout the year, though there can be variations in monthly distribution. The wettest months tend to be summer months, with the possibility of torrential downpours, often related to thunderstorms or occasionally tropical cyclones. This heavy summer rainfall is not only due to local convective processes but also to the area’s vulnerability to tropical systems coming ashore from the Gulf of Mexico.

It is worth noting that the rain patterns can lead to challenges such as flash flooding, especially in areas where drainage is insufficient. As a community lying in a low-lying region, Youngsville has had to adapt to its wet environment, working on improving infrastructure and emergency plans to mitigate the impact of excessive rainfall and the associated hazards. Residents are thus familiar with the local weather dynamics and the need for routine preparedness, especially during the peak of hurricane season from June to November.

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