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Call: (877) 718-7201

Zuni Pueblo, located in northwestern New Mexico, experiences a semi-arid climate, characteristic of the American Southwest. As such, the area receives a relatively modest amount of rainfall annually. On average, Zuni Pueblo accumulates about 10 to 13 inches (250 to 330 millimeters) of precipitation each year, though this figure can fluctuate based on regional climatic variations, including droughts and the effects of larger-scale weather patterns like El Niño and La Niña.

The bulk of Zuni Pueblo’s precipitation typically arrives during the North American Monsoon season, which runs from July through September. In these months, the weather patterns shift to allow moisture from the Gulf of California and the Gulf of Mexico to move northward, bringing thunderstorms and periodic heavy showers to the region. These rainfall events can be sporadic and localized but contribute significantly to the annual rainfall total.

Outside of the monsoon season, precipitation is sparse, with the winter and early spring months being especially dry. Snowfall can occur in the winter, but it is generally light and infrequent. The arid climate presents challenges for local agriculture and water resources, necessitating careful water management and conservation practices to ensure sustainable living conditions in the area. In response to the variability of rainfall, the Zuni community has a long history of adapting to the arid environment, including the development of sophisticated methods for irrigation and water storage.

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