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Zuni, New Mexico, situated in McKinley County, is part of the arid southwest region of the United States where rainfall is often scarce and unpredictable. This small town, with its rich cultural heritage stemming from the Zuni people, experiences a semi-arid continental climate. The area is characterized by its clear skies and distinct seasonal changes in weather patterns.

Annual precipitation in Zuni is limited, averaging between 10 to 12 inches (250 to 300 millimeters) per year. Much of this rainfall is concentrated during the monsoon season, which typically stretches from July to September. During the monsoon, moisture-rich air masses from the Gulf of California and the Gulf of Mexico converge upon the region, causing increased cloud coverage and scattered thunderstorms. These summer rains are crucial, as they contribute a substantial portion of the area’s total annual precipitation.

The winters in Zuni are generally cold and dry, with only occasional snowfall adding to the yearly precipitation totals. Spring and fall can also see some rainfall, but these periods are much less consistent in terms of significant precipitation compared to the monsoon season.

The modest rainfall Zuni receives plays a pivotal role in determining the local ecosystem, agricultural practices, and water resource management. It influences the growth of native plants, the replenishment of groundwater, and the livelihoods of the Zuni people, who have adapted their farming techniques over centuries to thrive in this arid environment.

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