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Call: (877) 718-7201

Yorketown, New Jersey, situated within Monmouth County, experiences a fairly moderate northeastern United States climate with four distinct seasons that includes variability in rainfall throughout the year. On average, Yorketown sees an annual precipitation summing up to approximately 47 inches, which is slightly higher than the United States average of about 38 inches.

The distribution of rainfall during the year is fairly consistent, with no extreme dry or wet seasons. Typically, the spring months bring about a gradual increase in precipitation, serving to nourish blooming flora and contributing to the lushness of the region after the cold and often snow-laden winter. Summers in Yorketown can bring thunderstorms that contribute to a substantial part of the annual precipitation. These can be heavy and prompt occasionally, but they are followed by periods of sunshine that keep the summer heat enjoyable and the environment vibrant.

Moving into autumn, the rainfall helps to maintain the health of the local ecosystems as trees don their vibrant foliage. The cooling temperatures often result in less convective, but still, significant precipitation. Winters are the driest season due to cold air holding less moisture; however, when moist air systems do move in, they can bring both rain and snow, contributing to the annual precipitation count. Overall, Yorketown’s precipitation patterns support its rich local agriculture and the scenic landscapes characteristic of the Garden State.

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