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Call: (877) 718-7201

Yuma, Arizona, a city known for its blistering heat and sprawling desert landscape, holds the distinction of being one of the driest cities in the United States. With its unique position in the Sonoran Desert, Yuma receives scant amounts of precipitation throughout the year, averaging just about 3 inches (76 millimeters) of rain annually, a stark contrast to the U.S. national average which hovers around 38 inches (965 millimeters).

Rainfall in Yuma is highly seasonal and sporadic, with the majority falling during the North American Monsoon season, which typically extends from June through September. During this season, the shift in wind patterns can bring in moisture-laden air from the Gulf of California, occasionally precipitating brief, heavy downpours. Despite these summer storms, many months can pass with little to no rainfall. Yuma’s winter months are marked by clearer skies and minimal precipitation, contributing to the overall arid climate of the region.

This extreme dryness, combined with a high number of sunny days—Yuma boasts over 90% of the year being sun-drenched—leads to low relative humidity, which influences both the daily life of its residents and the agricultural practices in the area, requiring intensive irrigation to maintain crop production. The city’s low rainfall is a defining aspect of its climate and has helped earn Yuma the title of the sunniest place on earth.

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