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Call: (877) 718-7201

Airway Heights, Washington, a small city located west of Spokane in Spokane County, experiences a semi-arid climate that is characteristic of the eastern part of the state. Unlike the western, coastal regions of Washington known for heavy precipitation and lush ecosystems, Airway Heights receives considerably less rainfall annually.

The average rainfall in Airway Heights is around 16-18 inches per year, which is significantly less than the national average of about 38 inches. Rainfall is fairly evenly distributed throughout the year, with no distinct rainy season. The wettest months tend to be March through May, aligning with the late spring period, while the summer months generally bring drier conditions.

Due to its location in the rain shadow of the Cascade Mountains, Airway Heights is sheltered from the moisture-laden systems that affect the coast, resulting in drier and sunnier weather. Consequently, the region’s precipitation primarily comes from weather patterns that move in from the south and east or during the occasional Pacific storm system that manages to penetrate the Cascade barrier.

Although it doesn’t receive a large amount of rain, the climate in Airway Heights is considered to be relatively favorable for outdoor activities throughout much of the year with a series of clear, sunny days. The limited rainfall influences the local ecology and industry, requiring that agriculture and landscaping rely on irrigation to compensate for the drier conditions.

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