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The Air Force Academy, located near Colorado Springs in Colorado, experiences a semi-arid climate, typical of its high elevation and Rocky Mountain region. This geographical setting has a significant influence on the amount and distribution of precipitation the Academy receives annually.

On average, the Air Force Academy gets around 17 inches (432 mm) of rainfall per year. This precipitation is not evenly spread throughout the year but tends to be more concentrated during the summer months, in the form of afternoon thunderstorms, which is common for this area. These thunderstorms are frequently intense but short in duration, and they can contribute to the majority of the rainfall recorded during the year.

Winters at the Academy are known to bring snow rather than rain, with the snowy season extending from October to April. The cold season snowfall contributes to the annual precipitation totals but is accounted for separately from rainfall measurements.

The region’s precipitation patterns are characterized by variability, where one year could see significantly different rainfall than the next. Droughts can occur when the region receives less rainfall than average, while occasional heavy downpours can lead to flash flooding in the area.

Overall, the Air Force Academy’s annual rainfall is reflective of Colorado’s climatic patterns—less than the national average for the United States, and varying greatly with changing seasonal patterns and yearly meteorological variations.

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