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Adelanto, California, a city located in the High Desert region of San Bernardino County, experiences a semi-arid climate typical of the Mojave Desert in which it is situated. Characteristic of such climates, Adelanto receives a relatively small amount of rainfall annually.

On average, the city gets about 5 inches (127 millimeters) of precipitation each year, which is significantly lower than the United States national average of about 38 inches (965 millimeters). Rainfall in Adelanto is quite seasonal, with the bulk of precipitation falling during the winter months, primarily between November and April. During this period, Pacific storms can bring periods of rain, occasionally heavy, although such events are infrequent.

Spring is usually marked by a tapering off of rainfall, and come summer, precipitation becomes even rarer. The months from May through October are characterized by dry conditions, with virtually no rainfall. This prolonged dry spell exacerbates the arid nature of the region, leading to concerns about water conservation and the heightened risk of wildfires.

Due to its desert location, rainfall can be highly variable from year to year. Some years may see higher totals if the region experiences more robust storm systems or if meteorological phenomena such as El Niño influence the weather patterns. Conversely, drought conditions can reduce the already scarce rainfall to even lower levels, stressing local water resources. Overall, Adelanto’s rainfall is a vital but limited resource that plays a significant role in shaping the desert landscape and the city’s approach to water use and management.

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