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Call: (877) 718-7201

Adel, Georgia, located in the southern part of the state in Cook County, experiences a subtropical climate representative of the Southeastern United States. This climate ensures that Adel receives ample rainfall throughout the year, contributing to the lush green landscapes that are characteristic of this region. The city’s annual precipitation is quite substantial, with annual rainfall averages hovering around 50 inches.

Rainfall in Adel is fairly evenly distributed throughout the year, though the late spring and summer months tend to be slightly wetter due to the convectional rain patterns and the potential for tropical storms and hurricanes that can bring heavy downpours. The summer months, from June through September, typically amass greater rainfall totals as compared to other months, which may be attributed to the North Atlantic hurricane season contributing to increased moisture and storm systems that affect the area.

On the other hand, winter months in Adel are generally the driest, but still receive a significant amount of precipitation that can come in the form of rain or occasionally—as is the case across the Southern U.S.—ice or snow, albeit rarely.

The consistent rainfall in Adel supports agriculture and the growth of local crops, as well as replenishing local water systems and maintaining the habitat for the regional flora and fauna. Proper managing of this resource is crucial to sustain the area’s farming practices and ecological balance.

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