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Call: (877) 718-7201

Addison, Illinois, a village in DuPage County, experiences a varied climate with distinct seasons, and its rainfall patterns are characteristic of the Midwest region of the United States. On average, Addison receives approximately 36 inches of precipitation each year, which is slightly above the national average of around 34 inches. The rainfall in Addison is spread throughout the year, with the wettest months typically being April, May, and June.

Spring ushers in increasingly warmer temperatures and a higher frequency of rain showers, contributing to lush green landscapes and the blossoming of local flora. The spring showers are crucial for replenishing the area’s ground water supplies and supporting agriculture. Summer continues this trend, with occasional thunderstorms that can bring heavy downpours and sometimes severe weather, including hail and high winds. The rain tends to cool down the hot summer days and maintain humidity levels.

Autumn sees a gradual decrease in precipitation, although some rainy days are still prevalent as cold fronts begin to move through the region. Winters in Addison can bring a mix of precipitation, including snow, sleet, and freezing rain, but purely liquid rainfall is less common during the colder months. The variety in precipitation type during winter reflects transitional periods where temperatures may rise above freezing, causing precipitation to fall as rain rather than snow. The distribution and amount of rainfall in Addison are influenced by regional climatic patterns, including the movement of weather fronts and the seasonal shifts in temperature.

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