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Call: (877) 718-7201

Abington, a small town in Plymouth County, Massachusetts, experiences a temperate climate with fairly evenly distributed rainfall throughout the year. The area does not have an extremely wet season, unlike some other regions, but rather sees a relatively steady amount of precipitation from month to month.

On average, Abington receives approximately 48 inches of rainfall annually, which is slightly higher than the United States average of about 38 inches. This amount is also somewhat more than the average for Massachusetts as a whole. The distribution of rainfall during the year tends to be consistent, with occasional fluctuations wherein the fall months might experience slightly higher rainfall due to storms and the transitional nature of the season.

Rainfall in Abington contributes significantly to the lush greenery and supports the local ecosystem, including the various parks and nature reserves in the area. The precipitation also plays a vital role in replenishing the town’s water sources, contributing to reservoirs and groundwater that serve as principal sources of potable water for residents.

The climate, punctuated by its steady rainfall, gives rise to a typical New England weather pattern, where spring and summer are marked by moderate warmth and winters by cold temperatures and, often, heavy snowfalls, which when melted, further contribute to the town’s total precipitation levels.

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