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Call: (877) 718-7201

Abingdon, Virginia, nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Southwest Virginia, experiences a moderate climate with four distinct seasons, including a relatively wet weather pattern. Rainfall in Abingdon contributes significantly to its lush landscapes, with annual precipitation averaging around 45 inches. This amount is quite comparable to the United States average, reflecting a well-distributed pattern across the months, without a particular rainy season.

The spring season in Abingdon is typically marked by steady rainfall, which supports the blooming of wildflowers and the vibrant greenery of the Appalachian landscapes. During the summer, the town experiences warm weather, and while it’s often associated with more sporadic thunderstorms, these contribute considerably to the seasonal rainfall totals. Moving into autumn, the rain helps to maintain the flow of creeks and rivers, vital for the ecosystems within the surrounding forests.

Winters in Abingdon see less rainfall than the warmer months, but precipitation often arrives in the form of snow, contributing to the area’s winter charm and providing a different kind of moisture. It is this consistent level of precipitation throughout the year that keeps the region’s farmlands productive and preserves the natural beauty of the area, from the tranquil rolling hillsides to the biodiverse woodlands. Abingdon’s rainfall is, therefore, a vital aspect of the town’s charm and ecological health.

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