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Call: (877) 718-7201

Aberdeen, located in Grays Harbor County, Washington, is known to have a significant amount of precipitation throughout the year. This coastal city, nestled at the confluence of the Wishkah and Chehalis rivers, is situated within a temperate rainforest region, leading to a maritime climate characterized by wet and mild conditions.

As an integral part of the Pacific Northwest, Aberdeen’s annual rainfall is noteworthy. The city receives approximately 80 inches of rain per year, vastly outstripping the US average of about 38 inches. This copious rainfall is distributed fairly consistently throughout the year, with the heaviest downpours typically occurring between October and January. During these peak wet months, the gray, rain-laden skies are a familiar sight, contributing to over 130 days per year with measurable precipitation.

Rainfall in Aberdeen not only shapes the lushness of its surrounding landscapes, which feature verdant forests and thriving ecosystems, but it also influences the daily life of its residents. The city has adapted to this moist climate with infrastructure and local culture that embraces its rainy identity. Rubber boots and raincoats are regular necessities for the inhabitants, who are well-versed in making the most of both the vibrant, green summers and the soggy, rain-soaked winters that define this unique corner of Washington State.

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